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Studiosounds radio

StudioSounds Radio is one of the biggest underground radio stations in Dusseldorf!  We have been Broadcasting our Studio Sounds to the world for more than 15 years!
From club classics to the latest breakers, we bring you the finest tunes mixed and produced by some of the worlds finest Dj`s!

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Our blog is where you`ll find some reviews and promotional info about upcoming new releases, events  and podcast posts as well as general Studiosounds radio updates.


We accept submissions from everyone regardless of whether your only starting out producing or if your an A-list super star Dj / producer, we have a complete guide on how to submit here: Demo & Promo Submissions if you have any questions regarding this feel free to email and ask at [email protected]

Listen links to the Audio Stream.

You can tune in live using the link on the page!, or find us on just about any streaming service! Just search for StudiosoundsRadio on Radioguide.fmShoutcast.yp,iTunes , iTunes Radio,, Tunein  or any of the many, many others!.

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