Roger Silver

Dj/Host Roger Silver

Silvercast Radio

Roger Silver has been deeply passionate about music for his entire life. A child of classical music upbringing, Roger was exposed to a wide range of music including classical, fusion, jazz, rock and electronic. Roger was a drummer beginning in his teens and became entranced with progressive rock including Yes, King Crimson and Rush. In 1998, after experiencing Paul Van Dyk, his love for electronic music became his sole focus and passion.
Roger Silver
Roger’s DJ and music production is sown in underground deep house. Roger plays regularly at venues and events in New York and is the founder and head of Subdivision Music, LLC which holds parties in New York with noted DJs including Miyagi, Einmusik, Brian Cid, and Miss Melera. In October of 2016, Roger released his first EP entitled “Beams” and a remix of Mononoid’s track “Doxa”, His new track, “Is It Too Late” featuring Christina Novelli with a remix by DAVI is scheduled for release in April 2017.


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