Oliver Cattley

Oliver Cattley

Dj/Host Oliver Cattley

Tranceform Sessions

Self-taught DJ, producer & label owner from Leeds, UK .
Signed to Armada, Extrema, Defcon, Redux, Mindlifting, Tranceform, Blackout, Fireball & more.
Resident @ Resonate, Leicester.

Began mixing at age 15 in 1999/2000 on belt drive turntables despite a passion for music developing from a much earlier age. Held residencies at Resonate (Leicester), Techno Breakfast Club (Sheffield), In:Progress (Leeds), EMFA (USA), Afterhours fm, SO DJs (Roster for Ibiza seasons 07-08) etc.

Launched his brand Tranceform in 2015 which has had non-stop major support & beatport charting since inception.

Oliver’s style as a producer has evolved over the last 19 years. Every track released has charted on beatport. He has collabed with many major names in different styles including Steve Morley, Kiyoi & Eky, Leigh Green, Fredd Moz, Amos & Riot Night & more.
He has a passion for ALL THINGS electronic dance music so is not restricted to one particular style or genre.

Bookings: [email protected]


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