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Luca Minichiello Aka Mr. Lukas,

Born in the early 80s and comes from musical family, in a small village in the province of Avellino, Italy, in the early years of his life he showed an interest in music and a passion for the keyboard.
In the early 90s as a teenager, got into disco music and Djing, at only 13 years old began to engage in his first mixes with very rudimentary equipment and techniques.
In the summer of 1994, he was called to replace another DJ and this was his coveted debut, that began his great journey into music.
He began playing in major clubs in the area and soon became a resident in larger clubs.

Mr. Lukas

He started in Radio on a friends station as an occasional guest Dj, this was when he had the idea of creating his own program specifically for radio.
He is now dedicated to record production, after creating some tracks minor releases,n in 2013 he started working with the producers of Mabel, in particular with the duo Cocco Verona
and in 2014 started a new release Mr. Lukas “By my side” and continues this year with “Over the sky” the future is still an open book, with tenacity and perseverance he always aims for better results.




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