Gui Botrugno

Gui Botrugno

Dj/Host Gui Botrugno

 Point zero show

Gui Botrugno was born in Switzerland in 1971.

He currently lives in Brescia, Italy.

He is a Dj Producer, Speaker, Vocalist and Veejay.

He worked at various clubs and discos in Italy, like Operà, Praja, Diva, Casablanca, Riobò, Metropolis, Caporais, Studio 54, Bagno 69.

He supported Guest Stars, like Stefano Noferini, Max Beca, Gigi D’Agostino, Prezioso, Walter S, Gaya, Neja, Eiffel 65.

Gui Botrugno
He was official voice for two Rave Parties, supporting Dj Vortex, Tony H and Lady Elena. In the first years his music is influenced by genres, Disco, Funky, Chillout, Lounge and Iberican House.

The 2012 sees the birth of a new musical project called “Point Zero” He develops a taste for House Progressive and Trance Music, where Gui incorporates energy and harmony, refined melodies and rhythms.

From January 2014 Gui is in Sdl Recordings. –


1) Marys (Original Mix) Hallucination Digital Label

2) Collisium (Original Mix) Paranoid Traxx Label

3) Dark sensation (Original Mix) Paranoid Traxx Label

4) Marys 2014 (Logic Remix) Euphoric Dance Traxx

5) Sulis (Original Mix) Dreamwave Traxx


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