Japhet B

Dj/Host Japhet B

Sunk Afinity Sessions

House Music has always been a passion for him even before understanding what is was.
Introduced to electronic music at an early age with pioneering artists such as Kraftwerk, Brian Eno and many more, his focus quickly turned to the exploding early 90’s House and Rave scene, it was there where the fascination of DJing and the energy it can create took hold.

Playing his first gig at the tender age of 17 in a dimly lit basement, he moved onto play Clubs and Bars throughout his area.

Japhet B
Hanging up the headphones for a few years and became slightly sensible ‘very slightly’.

But soon realised life’s too short for not following what you love…
A solid mixing tactician using both Digital and Traditional hardware his style could be described as eclectic and venturesome bringing elements of Deep/Tech/Soulfull House, Indie dance, Nu Disco and Mid Tempo into his Mixsets.

Japhet has a real passion for finding outstanding music wether new or not so new and using it for soul food.
Japhet is currently working on producing his own sound with the help of influences and friends from the past years.

Japhet B

He got serious about production about a year ago and since his first track signing for HOUSE HED MUSIC he’s went on to have numerous releases with Dash Deep Recordings, BedroomRecords09 and Mojear Recordings.

Japhet also runs a biweekly iTunes Podcast (Sunk Afinity Sessions) all of these recordings are available on iTunes and Mixcloud.  It’s just about the love of HOUSE.


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