Nick Peloso

Dj/Host Nick Peloso

La Dolce Vita Radio Show

Nick Peloso is considered one of the most important Dj-Producers working in Italy for over 20 years.
He plays his sound in various Italian clubs both as Resident and Guest Dj.

Abroad he has played in many international clubs, such as;
Wolksgarden, Vienna Austria (european halloween festival ’99), Mehari, Manhatten, Hammamet, Tunisia, Hard rockcafe, El Fanar, Sharm El Seikh Eygpt, Scandinavian, Paradise beach Mykonos, Greece, Ministry of sound, London U.K, Official Dj-testimonial for the prevention  campaign on drugs and use:”O ci sei o ti fai”, tim tour in 2002, All care for the year the music shows of “Alta moda di Roma” and parties of companies such as;Bmw, Mecedes, Pioneer, Sony and British airways.

In 2006/7 he was the official Italian Dj of the famous American rapper Coolio(Gansta`s paradise).
Creative and brilliant in his productions, he has been at time classified as a Dj hit maker due to originality.

Nick Peloso

He had a series of international productions with Vanni G & Kaya Jones, singer of The Pussycat Dolls with the track “Waiting for Saturday”, he also partnered with Carolina Marquez Feat. Florida fot the hit song “Sing La La La” as author, producer and remixer, getting the golden record 2013 which he followed up with “Get on the Floor” featuring Pitbull, “Super” and “Disco jump” with Snoop Dogg’s apperance, the remix of You and me forever” by Molella and his single “Por que` no” on Kontor music Germany/ Do it yourself/ Hi Klass, included on Kontor top of the clubs Germany as well as many other European compilations.

Nick Peloso

In 2015 he produced the new and amazing single titled “Good feeling” (WR1/ Kontor/ Clipper`s sound/ Planetworks) published in Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria,Croatia, Herzegovina, Hungary, Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Greece, Spain, Scandinavia, Finland, Ireland and many others, supported by The Chainsmokers on Bpm/ Siriusxm/ 8#  EDM top songs U.S.A

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