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Beautiful Moments of Trance show

I’m over 40, so at first glimpse it may seem reasonable to think I’m a late bloomer.
After all, until recently I couldn’t talk about anything that could have been called a „DJ past”. And yet, strangely, it all started at a young age.
Ever since I was a teenager (it was in the ’80s) I’ve been attracted to music, specifically to electronic music.

Trance as a music genre didn’t yet exist at the time but there was Mike Oldfield, Jean Michel Jarre and of course, Vangelis. Even though we can’t really mention them on the same page with words like „disco” or „party”, they were still producing emotional electronic music which at the time meant the world to me.
Beside the names I mentioned above, I of course loved the club music of the era and already felt that God blessed me with a good sense of rhythm.
One of my childhood friends used to play at parties in his spare time and wherever he went to play on a Saturday night I followed him.
Sometimes he let me practise on his equipment and it turned out pretty fast that transitions and beat matching were as easy as pie for me.
From the mid ’90s, soon after I graduated from high school, I slowly moved away from the the world of music.

Life assigned me to a different path and the jobs I had had no connections to the music world in any way but, at least, secured a substantive life. I don’t come from a wealthy family so I could only buy what I was able to save the money for.

Unfortunately I didn’t have money for turntables, mixers or things like that, these were expensive stuff.
And then came love, marriage, college and eventually, family. I always lived a simple life and still do.
The turning point in my relationship with trance came at the beginning of 2015 when we bought a new PC for the family.

At first I didn’t even realize that with this new computer – and 20 years later – I could once again do what I’ve always had a passion for.
The revelation came a couple of weeks after the purchase and in a heartbeat I flinged myself into my old-new hobby: I started making trance mixes.
I’ve been enjoying it ever since and I hope one day my hobby will become the job I can do for a living.
Within trance I prefer soft, emotional, instrumental melodies and I hope you’ll get into them, too.


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