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Jeff Alford

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They say that bounce-back-ability is one of the key attributes to becoming successful in your field. Being able to overcome your adversaries, learn from them and even use them to your advantage is a skill that many want, yet few have. Jeff Alford, is an artist who has this quality in abundance. He has literally been to the brink and back, and then there and back again, just for good measure, and still brings the same enthusiasm and even more desire to succeed to the table on a daily basis.
A British citizen currently based in Paris, France, Alford’s journey to get to where he currently is has taken him to the far flung corners of the world. A true globetrotter, he lists places like Lebanon, Doha, Orlando, Paris and London, as places he has lived throughout his life. Picking up influences and experiences everywhere he has been which have added to the tapestry that is his sound.
Alford’s roots have always been deeply grounded in electronic music, mentioning artists like Moby, The Chemical Brothers, Kraftwerk, The Prodigy, Carl Cox and Daft Punk, to name just a few, as his biggest influences. Although for Alford, his true passion and drive is his desire to create his own soundscape, by experimenting with his sequencers and synths, in one of the many homebuilt studios he has crafted over the years.

Jeff Alford
Alford’s musical style has evolved with the artist as he has grown and aged and he is currently at his most comfortable when operating with raw, experimental underground techno. This is a sound that he believes flows well with his own productions and one he uses as a blueprint for track selection in his sets. Jeff claims, “it’s important for me to keep my sound as underground as it can get as much as I possibly can”, which is a true reflection of his integrity as an artist.
As a producer, Alford has been on many people’s radar for quite some time now. In 2003, his track Reaching the Top sold over 1.3 million copies and was selected as the lead track for the Hot Clubbing Compilation TV advertising campaign. As well as this, Jeff has produced and released over 100 tracks on beatport, many of these on his own label, Industrial Force Records, and Aardvark Records, where he has been a signed artist since 2006.
In April 2020, Jeff started to notice some changes in his body, in particular with his balance and mobility. After a couple of months of worsening symptoms, the DJ’s world was flipped upside down when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Despite the completely ground shaking prognosis, Alford continued with a positive attitude and tried his best not to let his mood exacerbate his condition. After many hospital visits and consultations, Jeff was informed that surgery was an option and, although quite dangerous, the chances of success were quite good.
On 19 July 2020, Jeff went under the knife for the first of three major brain surgeries, the next followed one week later, with the third and final surgery and the removal of his tumor taking place on 30 September 2020. Despite going through such a traumatic experience, having to learn to walk again and losing the use of the left side of his body, Jeff somehow managed to continue to make music throughout the whole experience, releasing a number of tracks on Industrial Force Records in between surgeries and while in recovery.
Having been given a new lease of life, Alford is wasting no time in bringing his music to the next level. Currently a resident DJ for Ibiza Club News Radio with his monthly Industrial Force Podcast, a show which will soon be syndicated to over 2000 radio stations, his journey is set to continue into 2021 and beyond with many more releases in the pipeline and plans to return to performing both as a DJ and a live act when events return later this year. Expect to hear a lot more from the artist in the not too distant future.


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