STANIX – Sunday Nights Guest Mix 07/08/2016


STANIX – Sunday Nights Guest Mix 07/08/2016

Coming up on air on Sunday 07/08/2016 at 19:00(cet)  STANIX in the mix! You can Tunein on all the usual links available on the website and it will also be available on the podcast after the airing.


Stanix is the youngest guest Dj to appear on Studiosoundsradio at just 16 years old !

He has always had an interest in music and decided that he wanted to follow a career as a Dj/Producer at a very young age.

Stanix is a Dj/Producer from India he has been spinning the decks for just over a year, and he presents a very professional and experienced image and has had great success in his role as Dj. As a Dj he always manages to get the crowd up and dancing and loves to play to the crowd.

Influences and interests

Stanix has many musical influences and interests among which he lists some of his personal favourite artists as being the like of Hardwell, Martin Garrix, Tietso, Vorwerk, Kshmr and others and with some of his prefered genres / styles being: Trap, Dubstep, Future, Bollywood Music, Trance Hardstyle and many others as he has a very diverse range of musical tastes that both shape and influence how he produces and Djs.



The Beatthiefs with Henry hacking and Seb Fontaine – The Be Yourself Radioshow.

The Beatthiefs with Henry hacking and Seb Fontaine – The Be Yourself Radioshow.


 This weeks podcast 31-17-2016

This weeks podcast is a bit of a throwback to last year (2105) a 2 hour episode of the Be Yourself Radioshow with The Beatthiefs and  Seb Fontaine.

Your can find out more about Henry Hacking on social media on the links below.


Henry Hacking

Seb Fontaine



Dj Darklive – This weeks Podcast

Dj Darklive – This weeks Podcast

This weeks podcast episode was broadcast on on the 21-07-2016.

this podcast will be available from our website here and you can subscribe to the podcast feed here:  by adding the link into itunes etc. and you will always be up to date with the latest episodes.

About Dj Darklive

Representing the music scene in Panama with great pride, and with two major record labels, Hard Drop Records & Ascension Recordings. He always gives 100% and the shows are always amazing!

To find out more about Dj Darklive visit the info page on our site here:

Dj Darklive

New Shows and Djs wanted!

New Shows and Djs wanted!

Here at Studiosounds Radio we pride ourselves on our extensive line-up of underground and main stream Djs and shows that span many genres and air every day of the week, as you can imagine putting together such a great and varied line-up takes not only a lot of work from the staff here at Studiosounds Radio but also from from the many Djs involved, this means the our search for new Shows, Djs and presenters is a never ending task that goes on daily in the background while we perform the daily routine of day to day running of the station.

If you are a Dj or if you have a regular show

If you are a Dj or if you have a regular show that your looking to have aired publicly have a look at our submission guidelines, the submission guidelines page contains all the info required for you to know exactly how to send us demos, promos, remixes, podcasts and radio shows so that they will reach us and be processed as quickly as possible.

If you require further info please feel free to drop us and email to [email protected] and we will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.


 Submission Guide:

 Email: [email protected]


Anthony M – Friday Night Guest Mix 15/07/2016

Anthony Murphy

Coming on Friday 15/7/2016 21:00(cet) 20:00(gmt) we bring you a very special guest mix all the way from Cork, Ireland.

Friday nights guest mix is by the one and only Anthony M!

Over the years Anthony M has Dj`d at some of the top venues in the U.K, Poland and Ibiza, Including clubs such as Snakeys, Club Envi, Pacha,  the Egg and many more.

For more information and to like and follow here are his social media pages:

Many thanks to Anthony for the guest mix we hope you all enjoy.




Vicious Beats Podcast ep 15 by Mäle

This weeks featured podcast is the Vicious Beats Show mixed and hosted by Mäle.

The ever energetic Vicious Beats show can be found every Thursday evening at 19:00 on

and you can find out more a out Mäle from her page on the site here:

Science Vs Technology ep 21

Science Vs Technology ep 21


The long awaited Ep 21 mixed and hosted by Axel Doorman and guest mix from Gary G-Bace Burlace, this 2 hour special features tracks from many up and coming as well as experienced producers topped off with a Guest mix from G-Bace.

for more information check out Axel Doorman on facebook:

And for more information about Gary visit his facebook page here:

Science Vs Technology

Axel Doorman

Science Vs Technology mixed and hosted by Axel Doorman


Twitter @AxelDoorman

The first episode uploaded to the iTunes podcast this year!, and we kick it all off with the every popular Science Vs Technology.

The show returns this week with and extended show including many guest tracks including those from:


01 Worn Badly – Beachball
02 Roger Cadiz – The Fantasy (Original)
03 Weymo – Groovin High
04 NOISIBOI Amy Winehouse – Rehab Remix
05 Starmerbeat – You Got (Ah La La) [Work In Progress]
06 Prole Music – Acid Cult
07 Laucha Bidegain – Fuego (Original mix)
08 Lee Ogdon – Elements (Dweller Remix)
09 Mark Zowie ft @Junior T – Power (Club Mix)
10 B-liv – Science Fiction (Original) [Beta Rebels]
11 Faze-3 – Final War
12 D-Tention – Up The Ante
13 Axel Doorman – What Happens In My Garage
14 G-Bace DJ – Ant People
15 Lucien Foort (Official) ft Depeche Mode – I Feel Loved
16 Dirty Freud – Ego Shrieks
17 Leviathan aka Tellurian – Big Bad City

This episode can also be found on mixcloud:

As always the Science Vs Technology show can be found at 23:00 every Friday on, Tunein and enjoy!

Updated submission guidelines

We are extremely impressed at the number of demos arriving in our inbox every day.

Before submission there are a couple of things that we would like to make clear and bring to your attention.

 We will accept demos from ALL over the world.

You will find below what we need from you but please be aware that the information we require varies according to whether you are submitting tracks or a mix show.

For tracks:

– Send tracks via to this email: [email protected].

– Tracks should be in an Mp3 CBR format of 192kbps or higher with the title and artist tags included.

– Embedded images are permitted.

– If you wish to receive notification via Twitter when the track plays add your @twitter name to the artist field.

For Mixes/Podcasts/Shows:

– Send mixes/podcasts/shows via to this email: [email protected] for first demo submission, if show is accepted for airing regularly we only accept regular shows via Gdrive, OneDrive, Dropbox( currently at capacity) or FTP owing to the volume of shows each week we no longer accept regular shows via shared links or ( or similar) transfers as the above listed methods have been tried and tested and found to be far more efficient and user friendly.

– Mixes/Podcasts/Shows must be a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 2 hours long.

– Anything over 2 hours will be cut short by the start of the next show (most shows are 1 hour).

– Mixes/Podcasts/Shows should be in an Mp3 CBR format of 192kbps or higher with the title and artist tags included.

– Embedded images are permitted.

– If you wish to receive notification via twitter when the Mix/Podcast/Show plays add your @twitter name to the artist field.

If the show is to be aired on a regular basis then delivery only be accepted via shared folder via GDrive, One Drive, Dropbox ( please note our Dropbox is currently full and can not accept submissions or shows!) or via FTP(prefered method!)

If the show goes on air regularly we also add a page to our website with info about the DJ/Show. For this we need you to provide us with:

– A short biography/write-up about the DJ/Show, including links to your Facebook profile/page, @twitter name, SoundCloud, Mixcloud, web site etc. if you have or use them.

– 2 images for the page and page header on the site.

Once we have heard a demo submission of at least 45 mins to 1 hour – and if the show is of a good enough audio quality and meets the standards we expect at StudioSoundsRadio – we will find a free slot on the schedule and organize the show’s page on the site.

  • Please take your time before submitting a demo. Top quality is our main priority, so please be 100% sure before sending.
  • Remember that just because you submit a track, it does not automatically mean we are Airing it. If we like it we will contact you!

We wish you all the best of luck and we thank you for your support!

How to Tag an Mp3 File

How to tag MP3 files

For the purpose of this quick guide I’m going to suggest you use Audacity because it is simple and works on most platforms.

First you’re going to have to download and install it.


Then install as per instructions per your system.

You’re also going to need the LAME encoder to save as MP3.

Instructions are here:


So now you should have Audacity and the lame encoder installed on your system.

First open Audacity the on the File menu -> Open

And select the file you want to work with, once its open

Go to the File Menu-> Export Audio menu option.

Next enter the file name you wish to save as and select MP3 as the file type

Then -> options

And select the quality options for the export.

We recommend 320kbps constant bitrate, the file is a bit bigger but its made up for by the Quality, and let be honest no one will bother listening to your demo no matter how good it is if the quality sucks!

Then select ->Save

Once you press save it will show you the MP3 Tags window

Fill in the ->Title of your Track/mix/demo (remember stupidly long names won’t be displayed by most software or if it’s going to be Tweeted on Twitter then keep it to a minimum!)

Fill in -> Artist (again keep it short!, and if it’s going to be broadcast on a station Tweeting out the Title and Artist here is a good place to enter your @Twitter name so you can see when it plays via Twitter or Facebook etc. whatever your using (TIP!))

After that ->OK and export the file.


And when its done if you look at the file properties you will see

All the required tags are now embedded in the file!

That’s really the minimum needed for everyone sending tracks and mixes and everyone should be doing this on there own

as we don’t have the time anymore to fix it for you.

Note obviously im using windows and it might be slightly different on a mac or Linux.

if you have any questions drop us an email : [email protected]

hope it helps some of you out!

In the next post I will show you how to embed an image into the file that on some stations and mp3 playing apps and software will be displayed while the track plays!