Fabric Closes


London club Fabric will remain closed

London club Fabric will remain closed after having its licence revoked by Islington Council.

One of Britain’s best known nightclubs, Fabric, has been forced to close permanently after its licence was revoked following the drug-related deaths of two people.

Fabric’s campaign to stay open had been backed by the London mayor, Sadiq Khan, though he said it was not in his gift to intervene in licensing issues. Ahead of the ruling, Khan said: “London’s iconic clubs are an essential part of our cultural landscape … My team have spoken to all involved in the current situation and I am urging them to find a common sense solution that ensures the club remains open while protecting the safety of those who want to enjoy London’s clubbing scene.”
Members of the council sat down yesterday evening (Tuesday, September 6th) at Islington Town Hall with representatives from fabric, Islington Public Health Authority, Islington License Authority and the Metropolitan Police. The hearing, which lasted more than six hours, reached its conclusion just after 1 AM on Wednesday morning when Subcommittee Chair Flora Williamson read out the ruling against the Farringdon venue.

After deliberation that lasted into the early hours of Wednesday morning, the local council decided that searches by security staff at the London venue had been “inadequate and in breach of the licence”.

“People entering the club were inadequately searched,” Islington borough council’s decision read.
“A culture of drugs exists at the club which the existing management and security appear incapable of controlling,” she concluded. “This subcommittee has considered adding further conditions, but has come to the conclusion that this would not address the serious concern that they have with management of the premises.”

Fabric’s licence was suspended and put up for review in August following the recent drug-related deaths of two 18-year-olds, Ryan Browne and Jack Crossley. The club has been closed since Friday, August 12th. In that time, the global dance music community has rallied around fabric, with a change.org petition garnering more than 140,000 signatures. Islington South and Finsbury MP Emily Thornberry also voiced her support, writing via Facebook that “the closure of fabric cannot be the answer.”

Representatives from Fabric have issued several statements of their own, promising to independently review the club’s procedures with regards to safety and drug policy. Along similar lines, director and co-founder Cameron Leslie also pledged to pursue a “gold standard” for safe clubbing after the Met Police called the venue “a safe haven for the supply and consumption of illegal drugs.”

Leading figures who played at the venue, one of the most important for fans of electronic music, joined regulars in expressing their sorrow at the decision. A Change.org petition to halt the closure of the club had reached almost 150,000 signatures.

Jacob Husley, who initiated the petition and has worked at the club’s Sunday night party for the past eight years, said of the decision: “We are in shock. I am feeling a mixture of disbelief and anger and sadness … It would be a devastating blow for London and culture, and clubs across the UK. It sets a precedent.”

He did not know whether the club’s owners would appeal but said he hoped “we are not finished with this”.

Others wondered if the site now faced the same prospect as other legendary music venues such as Manchester’s Haçienda – now luxury flats.

Avicii Retires From Touring


Avicii Retires From Touring

Avicii played his final performance (Aug. 28) at Ushuaia Ibiza before retiring from touring at age 26.

The Swedish superstar’s final perormance took place at Ushuaia where he has held a five-year residency.

He was joined by KSHMR, Seeb, Albin Meyers and the Mambo Brothers.

In April, Avicii shocked the dance music world when he announced his retirement from live performance in an emotional letter posted to his website, although Avicii has decided to cease touring after this year, he assured fans that he will “continue to speak” to them through his music.

New Single from Phil Day

New Single from Phil Day
Out Now On All Digital Stores

This month’s “Teknofonic Tuesdays” continues with a new single from Phil Day. Grab it now from your favorite digital music store!

Phil Day shows no signs of slowing down and delivers yet another must have club banger. His signature sound that features captivating vocals with beautiful melodies, atmospheric synths, intense build ups, and energetic drops has audiences everywhere craving more from this rising producer.

3logit’s new single released, August 16

3logit’s new single released, August 16

3Logit – Courages Favour


3Logit delivers

The four-piece band 3logit delivers an epic track that combines elements of Dubstep and Drum & Bass with the driving vocals, distorted electric guitars, and gritty synths of Industrial Rock. Their determination to bring EDM within the context of the heavy hitting and raw sounds of a live metal band has proven that forward-thinking music can unite diverse listeners from around the globe.

Unique musical concept

3logit is a unique musical concept pushing genre boundaries along with the limits of modern technology. They are a killer live band blending melodic EDM (DnB, Dubstep), with hard n’ heavy guitar riffs and live vocals. The unparalleled musical mix they present is often called metalstep or rockstep by their devoted fans from all around the globe. They are also known for performing their live sets dressed in UV-active on-stage apparel with LED accessories. 3logit works on principles of musical LAN (local access network) setup in a star topology consisting of five elements: four musical terminals operated by living musicians and a server. The dedicated server is the very special part of the band; the players control it over their standard musical instruments. This approach requires practically absolute synchronization and creates a kind of special digital/analog/human interface.

Available from Teknofonic Recordings

STANIX – Sunday Nights Guest Mix 07/08/2016


STANIX – Sunday Nights Guest Mix 07/08/2016

Coming up on air on Sunday 07/08/2016 at 19:00(cet)  STANIX in the mix! You can Tunein on all the usual links available on the website and it will also be available on the podcast after the airing.


Stanix is the youngest guest Dj to appear on Studiosoundsradio at just 16 years old !

He has always had an interest in music and decided that he wanted to follow a career as a Dj/Producer at a very young age.

Stanix is a Dj/Producer from India he has been spinning the decks for just over a year, and he presents a very professional and experienced image and has had great success in his role as Dj. As a Dj he always manages to get the crowd up and dancing and loves to play to the crowd.

Influences and interests

Stanix has many musical influences and interests among which he lists some of his personal favourite artists as being the like of Hardwell, Martin Garrix, Tietso, Vorwerk, Kshmr and others and with some of his prefered genres / styles being: Trap, Dubstep, Future, Bollywood Music, Trance Hardstyle and many others as he has a very diverse range of musical tastes that both shape and influence how he produces and Djs.








The Beatthiefs with Henry hacking and Seb Fontaine – The Be Yourself Radioshow.

The Beatthiefs with Henry hacking and Seb Fontaine – The Be Yourself Radioshow.


 This weeks podcast 31-17-2016

This weeks podcast is a bit of a throwback to last year (2105) a 2 hour episode of the Be Yourself Radioshow with The Beatthiefs and  Seb Fontaine.

Your can find out more about Henry Hacking on social media on the links below.


Henry Hacking






Seb Fontaine






Dj Darklive – This weeks Podcast

Dj Darklive – This weeks Podcast

This weeks podcast episode was broadcast on www.studiosoundsradio.com on the 21-07-2016.

this podcast will be available from our website here and you can subscribe to the podcast feed here: http://www.studiosoundsradio.com/feed/podcast/  by adding the link into itunes etc. and you will always be up to date with the latest episodes.

About Dj Darklive

Representing the music scene in Panama with great pride, and with two major record labels, Hard Drop Records & Ascension Recordings. He always gives 100% and the shows are always amazing!

To find out more about Dj Darklive visit the info page on our site here:

Dj Darklive

New Shows and Djs wanted!

New Shows and Djs wanted!

Here at Studiosounds Radio we pride ourselves on our extensive line-up of underground and main stream Djs and shows that span many genres and air every day of the week, as you can imagine putting together such a great and varied line-up takes not only a lot of work from the staff here at Studiosounds Radio but also from from the many Djs involved, this means the our search for new Shows, Djs and presenters is a never ending task that goes on daily in the background while we perform the daily routine of day to day running of the station.

If you are a Dj or if you have a regular show

If you are a Dj or if you have a regular show that your looking to have aired publicly have a look at our submission guidelines, the submission guidelines page contains all the info required for you to know exactly how to send us demos, promos, remixes, podcasts and radio shows so that they will reach us and be processed as quickly as possible.

If you require further info please feel free to drop us and email to Contact@studiosoundsradio.com and we will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.


 Submission Guide: http://www.studiosoundsradio.com/updated-submission-guidelines/

 Email: Contact@studiosoundsradio.com


Anthony M – Friday Night Guest Mix 15/07/2016

Anthony Murphy

Coming on Friday 15/7/2016 21:00(cet) 20:00(gmt) we bring you a very special guest mix all the way from Cork, Ireland.

Friday nights guest mix is by the one and only Anthony M!

Over the years Anthony M has Dj`d at some of the top venues in the U.K, Poland and Ibiza, Including clubs such as Snakeys, Club Envi, Pacha,  the Egg and many more.

For more information and to like and follow here are his social media pages:

Many thanks to Anthony for the guest mix we hope you all enjoy.







Vicious Beats Podcast ep 15 by Mäle

This weeks featured podcast is the Vicious Beats Show mixed and hosted by Mäle.

The ever energetic Vicious Beats show can be found every Thursday evening at 19:00 on  http://Www.studiosoundsradio.com.

and you can find out more a out Mäle from her page on the site here:  http://www.studiosoundsradio.com/male-6/