Frankie C.’s new collaboration with The Klasskis

Frankie C’s collaboration with The Klasskis

Released, April 4 on Teknofonic Recordings

Peaking at No. 3 on the Billboard Dance charts for the single ‘F$ck Your Boyfriend’ produced by Ralphi Rosario, Frankie C. has teamed up with The Klassiks to deliver a massive new anthem. With powerful vocals, infectious melodies, throbbing basslines, and pulsating beats, this track is not to be missed.



New Single from Nia Orea

New Single from Nia Orea

Nia Orea is a genre-bending music producer based in the UK. Her first single on the Teknofonic imprint showcases her passion for music production. Flawlessly constructed, the track is chill and vibrant, making it a must have for your late-night or more subdued playlists.

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March Podcast

March Podcast – Mandala and the Trance Chronicles Ep. 18

Join us on a beautiful Journey through Trance with Host Mandala at the controls for March`s Podcast.

you can find out More about Mandala here:

Teknofonic Recordings – Anndres Orttega – New Release

 Anndres Orttega‘s new single Vibrant, released, March 14th 2017

Colombian producer Anndres Orttega returns to the Teknofonic imprint to release an action packed new single. Filled with pulsating beats, driving bass, and sizzling synths, this Trance banger will get you moving out on the dance floors.



February Podcast

Time for another podcast from the hallowed halls of StudioSoundsRadio!, Gracing the ones and twos for February we have another guest mix from the one and only Anthony Murphy!, fire up your podcast app and get on it this ones straight out the top quality drawer!, you can check out all about Anthony here: there you can find out all the info about this great Dj Coming out of Cork Ireland, all we can say is enjoy the sounds!

Dennis R – Sunset from Holland

Dennis R – Sunset from Holland

Owing to a scheduling screw up this week you may have missed the Sunset from Holland show by Dennis R to address the balance we are posting the show that aired ( Sunset from Holland ep 172) here on our podcast so you can listen at your leisure.

you can find out more information about Dennis R and the Sunset from Holland show here

DJ Dennis-R

Site wide update and redesign!

Site wide redesign and rewrite!

Over the course of this weekend 12/11/2016 we have completely rewriten our entire website with a brand new look and feel together with a brand new layout, some features remain the same some are new! some things look the same but procedures differ! pay close attention to the changes! they are what makes the difference.

we will be adding an adjusted schedule over the next 24 hours which will see several shows move to times that we feel is more appropriate for there show, we will not enter into any discussions about why shows have been moved or why they were moved to new times, its what we feel is best for the station following our monitoring and research over the past month.

We always try to do the best for our shows and Djs and constantly promote them as we put in a lot of work making images, pages, scheduling, airing ( all of which costs us money that we never charge to the listeners or the Djs , we foot the bill ourselves!) we will be focusing on becoming the best we can, to generate likes, follows, reposts and interaction its why we do what we do after all!, No one is so big that they cant share a post!.

So with all of that in mind we now have the pleasure of presenting this weekends serious hard work to you the listener! please let us know what you think by emailing: and let us know if, what or why we can change something else to make the station better!, after all, It is your station!, and we listen to what you say to make things better or everyone!

Mixtape Mondays

Episode 14 of the Mixtape Mondays show experienced some disruption yesterday due to a technical fault here in the studio, we apologize for the inconvenience caused to certain viewers to ensure you stay up todate and can hear the latest episode it will be available here or from our podcast feed too.

For all the social media links and bio etc Mixtape Mondays check the page on the site