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Dj/Host Beatzbydru

Beatzbydru Mix Sessions


Dru’s love for music began at the age of 12 sitting outside his grandfather’s home with his radio, flipping channels, and fell upon a local college hip hop radio show.

Later that day, grabbing his parent’s record collection, Dru started scratching and mashing up old disco, Elton John, and Jazz LP’s.

As he progressed thru high school, started putting together mixtapes, spinning at friends parties, and small local bars and clubs.

Music started to become a sort of therapy…. An escape. Different vibes for each mood… every mix an eclectic blend of influences.

One thing always remaining, Emotion. Much has changed since then, but the music continued to be a first love.

Spinning tracks that create a mood, making you lose yourself inside the beats and melodies, and bridging the gap between genres and tempos…