About Us

“Digital sounds for a global generation!”©

StudioSoundsRadio is an Online Radio playing all the best and latest Deep house, House, Dance, Trance, Club, Dub Tech, Electro and more.

Why should you Tune In to our station?

We’re not going to sit here and tell people what they should and shouldn’t listen to! We’re not going to claim we’re the best, the number one or even the most popular station!

So now your wondering what we do and don’t do and what we have that others don’t?

What we have and do

We have been twice nominated for the Mixcloud online station awards (for best newcomer and best station) two years running! With many of the shows and Djs we air being nominated for awards, and accolades of there own and for there own work and productions,

we do have over 450 Djs and shows a month and we consistently air all of them within just minutes of times that appear on the schedule,

we do have a 99.9% on air live uptime record,

we do air live from our studio 24/7/365,

What we don’t do and don’t have

We don’t use auto DJ ( all our selections are hand picked by our guys here in the studio!)

We don’t use video streaming for normal broadcasts ( most of our listeners are multitasking with the station on in the background while studying, running and even on factory production floors (and lets be honest no one wants to watch a Dj on his own in his bedroom or basement ), we reserve our live videos for special events!

We don’t claim hd graphics and interactive broadcasts( all our broadcasts are interactive!, our graphics are all bespoke and are all approved by management or the Djs themselves)

We don’t have a chat room( we don’t need it!, the Djs are all on twitter or Facebook and comments and messages can be replied to directly or at anytime by the Djs!)

We don’t have a twitter or Facebook feed on our website! ( most visitors come from twitter or Facebook and have already seen the social media posts!)

We don’t have ads on the website, or in stream ( we have ad free status on our iTunes stream!)

we don’t charge subs for our Djs to be on air ( we’re not out to rip off Djs trying to start out and we don’t want to make money off the work of others!)

We never use, make public, store, sell or make available in any way, any user, personally identifiable information (your privacy is important to us!)

Still undecided? Well we don’t even charge people to tune in and listen so feel welcome to use the Tunein app or click the now playing image below (no apps or downloads needed!) and have a listen and judge for yourself.

With new and upcoming Djs as well as some of the best the world has to offer combined with many shows from around the world and the latest and best classic club and dance hits 24/7 across the world from Europe.

StudioSoundsRadio was originally started and setup in Dublin Ireland with assistance from our Web design and services partner in the U.K in 2008, since then we have moved countries and taken a short break from broadcasting during the move of our main Office/Studio.


StudioSoundsRadio was founded by a group of Djs who found that getting a break in broadcasting was very difficult as most local/small stations have their own clique and were often difficult to contact and or charged fees to allow Djs on air, we negated this silly way of excluding many talented Djs/ Producers and went direct to broadcasting and allow all our Djs/Producers to air for free!, we make no profit !

This remains our core philosophy even today and will always remain so.

Over the past 8 years we have built the station to its current size with, at the moment over 350 shows on air every week and many more monthly shows that rotate on a weekly basis, being flexible in this manner has allowed StudioSoundsRadio to reach a much wider audience than many others and we will continue to focus on bringing the listener all the best programs, shows and Djs from around the world that we can find.


 E-mail: Contact@Studiosoundsradio.com

Submissions are accepted via Dropbox you can signup here for dropbox we also accept submissions via gdrive link www.wetransfer.com or any file transfer service.



twitterico https://twitter.com/Studiosounds

mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/