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“Digital sounds for a global generation!”©

Founded in  2003  Studiosounds Radio was originally started by a group of Djs in Dublin, Ireland  after finding that local radio there was extremely difficult to get into.

This lead them to create an Online station which providing a streaming outlet, enabling them to reach a large audience very quickly. the site slowly gained popularity and eventually had to be moved to bigger servers and with the addition of more Djs studio facilities were added.

In 2010 operations were suspended for a while as some of the group found other objectives, goals and directions in there professional careers and personal lives, this lead the remaining group members who were already moving to Europe, (specifically Germany) to further their careers, to restart the station bigger and better than before!

Since 2010 we have operated in Dusseldorf and across the world Online, we have created, attended, assisted, advised, Dj`d and produced Events and productions of all shapes and sizes for customers in many countries, always to the highest standards!

Now available on Fm 92.5 in the local area, 2018 is the year we added our first European Fm transmitter enabling us to reach many more listeners locally!

As we continue to grow and diversify, change and evolve with the flowing music one thing has always been true our commitment to be the biggest and best that we can as we provide

“Digital Sounds For A Global Generation” !



General enquiry email:

 E-mail: [email protected]

Promos / Demos / Submissions email

 [email protected]

Submissions are accepted via Dropbox you can signup here for dropbox we also accept submissions via gdrive link www.wetransfer.com or any file transfer service.




twitterico https://twitter.com/Studiosounds

mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/

Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/studiosoundsradio