Berlin Atonal revives label with new compilation, MORE LIGHT

Lee Gamble, Laurel Halo, dBridge and more feature on the five-part release, out today.

Berlin Atonal is reviving its label arm with a five-part compilation called MORE LIGHT.

The project features 19 tracks by artists affiliated with the popular and long-running festival, including Lafawndah, Nkisi, Alessandro Adriani, Vladislav Delay, Peder Mannerfelt, Laurel Halo, dBridge, Caterina Barbieri (pictured), Lee Gamble and XOR Gate, AKA Drexciya’s Gerald Donald.

The music will be split across five 12-inches, with the digital versions coming out today, Tuesday, October 27th. The vinyl pressings will follow in January.

Berlin Atonal Recordings has also confirmed another release, a live recording of a performance by the late Mika Vainio from 2016. That one, titled 25082016235210179M, is also out now. All proceeds will go to the Alpha Boys School in Kingston, Jamaica.

Listen to the compilation on Bandcamp, and watch a teaser for the box set and label relaunch.



01. Aho Ssan + Exald S – Wondertomb
02. Exael – Circle (Squishy Mix)
03. Tunes Of Negation – Unremembered
04. Lafawndah – A Walk Beside The Beast

01. Galya Bisengalieva – Aralkum
02. Alessandro Adriani – I Wish I Could Save You
03. Nkisi – La Parole
04. XOR Gate – Boolean Logic Gate

01. Abdullah Miniawy + Carl Gari – The Cyg
02. Vladislav Delay – Isonainen
03. Lee Gamble – Polis
04. Pablo’s Eye – A Way You’ll Never Be

01. LABOUR – The Hit Of Enlightenment
02. Peder Mannerfelt – Let’s Get Metaphysical
03. Caterina Barbieri – Sufyosowirl

01. Altar – Without Bodies
02. Laurel Halo – Terrain (Prototype 3c)
03. dBridge – Direct Reflection
04. Hiro Kone/Tot Onyx – DIN DIAN

Berlin Atonal Recordings will release MORE LIGHT on October 27th, 2020.