I225V Intel Gigabit Ethernet Issue Affecting Z490 Motherboards

I225V Intel Gigabit Ethernet Issue
Intel I225-V 2.5GbE Networking Issues Still Persist, Several Z490 Motherboards Seemingly Affected

Not our usual subject matter but having had issues with this one ourselves we decided to try fixing the issue! ( our solution Guide is lower down the page)

It’s now well known there is a major flaw within the Intel I225-V  networking chip, which Intel claims to have fixed with a newer revision which was shipping in Z490 motherboards that are now available on retail shelves, however, test results from our sources show that the issue still persists and several Z490 motherboards featuring the Intel I225-V  networking chip could remain affected and unable to deliver the advertised networking speeds that a 2.5GbE networking controller should deliver, and failing to reconnect upon rebooting the machine.

Last month, a report emerged that the controller had a built-in flaw that led to packet loss and reduced network performance in the range of 1-10 Mb/s. A list of mitigations with the current silicon of the I225-V controller was mentioned by Intel which simply advises users/OEMs to set the Controller link to operate at 1 Gb/s which was far less than what Intel had advertised.

Intel officially responded to us on the matter, claiming that the latest production version of the I225-V controller silicon known as ‘V2’ was already in production which has been integrated on several Z490 motherboards now shipping in retail channels. This new B2 stepping has indeed been featured on several Z490 motherboards however, as I mentioned above, our sources seem to indicate that the issue isn’t fully resolved.

The following was Intel’s official response on the matter:

“Intel is committed to delivering the highest levels of product quality and has already corrected the issue in the latest production version of the silicon. I225 v2 is already in production. We identified an IEEE spec variance in the Intel Ethernet Controller I225 that results in performance degradation when paired with some 2.5GbE switches and routers. Consumers experiencing this issue should ensure they have the latest software driver and associated firmware installed and can refer to https://www.intel.com/i225v1 for compatible switches and routers to ensure 2.5Gb/s connectivity.

However this doesn’t fix the problem of having no network on reboot for those who already have the older boards, so after a lot of digging we found a solution for our Asus Z490 Prime test board

How to fix it:

Our solution on this board (Asus Z490 Prime) was:

**DO THIS AT YOU OWN RISK!(we have done this and it worked for us though!)

for Windows 10 64x

  1. First we visited the Asus website and downloaded the lan package https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/PRIME-Z490-A/HelpDesk_Download/ , We have the zip file on our server here: I225V_Intel_Gigabit_Ethernet_Driver_V1.0.1.4_WIN10_64-bit (in case it ever vanishes), we also went to the Intel website and grabbed the latest driver here: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/22283/Intel-Ethernet-Adapter-Complete-Driver-Pack?product=184676 and again this is up on our server here: PROWinx64 (this is the windows 64x version but the 32x is available on Intels website on the previous link).
  2. Unzip the file “I225V_Intel_Gigabit_Ethernet_Driver_V1.0.1.4_WIN10_64-bit”  and inside is two more archive files, “I225V_End_User_FW_UPDATE” and “DRV_LAN_Intel_I225_UWD_TP_W10_64_V1014_20200507R”,  unzip them into their own folders too.
  3. Go into the I225V_End_User_FW_UPDATE folder and find the file named “install.bat” ( might show as just “install” if you dont have “show extensions” enabled).
    1. Right click and ” run as administrator”.
    2. Running the file will open a powershell windows and you will be asked to press enter twice.
    3. This should give you a powershell window something like this eventually:
    4. (dont worry about the red warning it seems to be normal from what we could find online).
    5. go ahead and actually shutdown the pc and power off when its finished.
  4. After the full power off, Turn back on and once booted install the Intel network driver.
    1. find the downloaded Intel network driver from above (“PROWinx64” ) and extract to its own folder.
    2. in the folder navigate to “.\APPS\SETUP\SETUPBD\Winx64” and find and run the “SetupBD.exe” this will install the Intel driver from above ( the one above brought us up to driver version, follow the installer instructions to complete.
  5. once installed again reboot the machine.
  6. finished.


After completing  the above process we tested everything about a dozen times by rebooting repeatedly and the issue of our network being unavailable is now gone.

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