DJ Sotofett to release a track for every day of the month of July

The Sex Tags Mania head will keep the streak going via his Bandcamp page.

This July, DJ Sotofett will release a track each day.

The new venture continues a prolific Bandcamp streak from the Sex Tags boss, who has used his page to quickly release material like last year’s Datalivet LP and a full-length with E-GZR, MIDILivet, released in March.

The July volley follows in the tradition of the latter—almost all 31 tracks were recorded in a “classic MIDI-programmed electro/techno fashion,” comprising unused leftovers from an upcoming project featuring E-GZR.

Before maintaining a busy Bandcamp presence, the Norwegian DJ and producer developed a fervent following via vinyl release on his labels Sex Tags Mania, Sex Tags Amfibia and Wania.

Listen to the first cut of the month, “July 2020 [Tek 2020 – M v2].”