Dreadbox launches new line of affordable Eurorack modules

The Chromatic series modules will retail for between €79 and €99 each.

Greek synth manufacturer Dreadbox has announced a new range of affordable Eurorack modules.

The six offerings in the Chromatic series offer building-block modules for under €100 along with a small footprint for the space-conscious synthesist. Besides crucial modules like a VCO and dual modulator, there’s a hybrid Filter-Mixer-VCA and a Noise-Crush-Filter that combines a pair of filters, a bit crusher and a noise generator. The set is rounded out by a three-stage delay and a handy CV mixer for sculpting and combining your modulation signals.

All six modules will be released in December. For more information on each module check out the Dreadbox website.

While the explosion of new Eurorack modules has increased the amount of high-priced options available, various companies cater to more reasonable budgets. Doepfer has a massive range of modules, many of which cost under €100, while newer players like Tangible Waves offer a complete system for the price of an average mono-synth. Alternatively, you can build patches for free on your computer using the open-source VCV Rack software.

Watch a promo video of the Chromatic modules.