Simple Things announced the full line-up for the latest edition of it’s multi-venue music festival.

The main day will take place on the Saturday October 19, split into day and night programmes. Holly Herndon will headline the day programme with her new project ‘PROTO’, a record produced with creative partner Mat Dryhurst and their ‘AI child’, Spawn.

Techno artist Avalon Emerson will then be headlining the festival’s night programme and will  be supported by Andrew Weatherall, Jayda G, Dr Rubinstein and Bruce. Laurel Halo and Parris will also be playing a special b2b set.

Herndon and Emerson will also be joined by an eclectic selection of artists including Ata Kak, Kode9, A Certain Ratio, Biig Piig and more across venues across Bristol.

The festival will open on October 18 with the premiere of ‘10000 Peacock Feathers in Foaming Acid’, an audio-visual piece from William Basinski and collaborators Evalina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand. This piece will be taking advantage of the IMAX cinema’s 15-metre screen for a fully immersive experience.

Tickets are on sale now.

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