ROLI’s new LUMI keyboard & App that teaches you to play music

ROLI’s new LUMI keyboard and app teaches you to play music!

It uses a Guitar Hero-esque method to improve your keyboard skills.

ROLI is running a Kickstarter for a keyboard and app called LUMI.

The system claims to make you “more musical in minutes,” and uses a Guitar Hero-style method to improve your keyboard skills. You can pick any song from a currently unknown list of tracks which range from  “pop to classical” then choose the part of the song you want to play, the App then displays colored blocks that represent the notes and at the same time the corresponding key lights up on the keyboard (think Guitar Hero-style). You can also adjust the playback speed to fit your abilities and also pause things altogether. As your skills improve, you can move from following colored blocks to reading actual sheet music.

Unlike ROLI’s Seaboard, the LUMI’s keys are like a traditional keyboard, are sized to fit the average human hand and offer “92% of the plunge distance of a grand piano key.” It doesn’t support MPE, although it can function as a regular MIDI controller in a wide range of DAWs.

The Kickstarter has already been fully funded. The cheapest bundle is currently priced at $187, with an expected shipping date of October 2019.

Watch a promo video for LUMI.

Official site: ROLI

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