Berlin club der visionaere hit by fire


On Saturday 15-06-2019, the Berlin Feuerwehr were called  to deal with a fire which had hit Berlin institution Club der Visionaere.

The news was broken by Berlin Feuerwehr, who said  that “the club burned down almost completely” but that “the spread of fire to the neighboring gas station has been prevented.”

They also reported three injuries but no deaths.


BBC World Service journalist Faranak Amidi tweeted a message from Club der Visionaere, which reads, “Not burned down. Fires have been extinguished. Police set up a perimeter so you can’t get very close but it looks like the main area of the club is still intact. From across the canal, it appears that the kitchen/bathroom area is the only damage.”

The dance music community has poured in with support for the club.


The cause of the fire is not yet known.

The spot has earned a name for itself as a hub of minimal music and a home for DJs with deep and varied record bags – its (often weekend-long) sessions have hosted everyone from Ricardo Villalobos and Zip to Nicolas Lutz and Binh.

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  • UPDATED 21/06/2019

Club der Visionaere has shared an update after the fire that tore through the venue.

In a Instagram post hosted by Maayan Nidam, the club revealed that its main area and dance floor is still intact, and that they plan to reopen soon. Before then, they will renovate the stairs that lead to the emergency exit and the bathroom area, and remove part of the weeping willow tree overhanging the seating area.

The fire broke out around 8 AM last Saturday morning, with a few light injuries. At first, it was reported that the club was “almost completely burned out,” but later confirmed that the fire was relegated mostly to the weeping willow area.



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Dear friends and family of Club Der Visionaere, We want to give you a visual update on the state of the club including the condition of our precious willow tree through this message from our dear friend and resident, Maayan Nidam. We are so very flattered by the #wearecdv posts that have begun to spread and again want to thank you for the outpour of love and compassion through the messages and calls from all around the world. We cannot overstate our gratitude as your support not only has moved us to tears but motivates us to keep pushing on in not just providing a welcoming and warm place to meet but to continue to provide an open, safe place for people to inspire, explore and appreciate music and each other. We hope to open soon and look forward to seeing you back at the club. #wearecdv #cdv #clubdervisionaere #berlin #music

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