DaGeneral Guestmix


Friday 3 – August – 2018 Guestmix by DaGeneral

Following on from DaGeneral`s Recent release “Pressure” on Static Music, We have a special Friday Guest mix takeover session from DaGeneral !

Friday 3-August-2018 from 20:00(CEST) Tunein for the Guest mix with DaGeneral, its sure to be massive do #savethedate!


DaGeneraladored 90’s rave culture, “I loved the fact that you partied sometimes all weekend and forgot all the troubles of the week,” he said, “It was like a parallel world where everyone was happy and got lost in the music.” Since then, the now 30-something producer and DJ has composed top-of-the-charts techno and tech-house tracks, performing all over Europe and maintained some of the most visible brands in modern dance music.

“I became a producer because I love playing music, but there is nothing better than playing your own songs to a crowd and feeling the reaction that it gets,” he said. “It’s an overwhelming feeling. All the hairs sticking up on the back of your neck as you see the people in the club dancing to a track that you wrote.”

With that emotion in mind, DaGeneral has played events like Judgement Day (Perth, 2008), B Se-Lek-Tive (Prague, Forfar, Hereford), Equinox (Dundee), BodStock Festival (Bristol) and many, many more. He has also been a resident DJ at the multi-location Frantic Friday events (2008-2009), Equinox, and B Se-Lek tive. DaGeneral has played with a myriad of other top DJs and producers including Mark EG, Mike C, Chuck-E, The Producer, Jon the Dentist, Phutek, Blue Amazon, Shades of Rhythm, Oliver Lieb, and many more. He’s travelled and played all over Ireland, the UK, and the Czech Republic.

DaGeneral is also an experienced producer and collaborator. Many of his tracks have reached the top-10 on various Beatport charts with several of the releases having sat firmly in the #1 position. He’s collaborated with Blue Amazon, Bageera, KoZY, Richard Cleber, Darmec and more.

DaGeneral & Friends, a worldwide syndicated radio show, is another DaGeneral brand. “I wanted to create an alternative to the usual commercial offerings,“ he said. “I believe the format is four hours of the best underground tech-house and techno. It’s really for the people to tune in and listen to before they go out, or for those not going that night so they have an alternative.” The show features mixes from artists such as Mauro Picotto, Phutek, Umek, TImo Maas, and of course, DaGeneral, to name a few.

It doesn’t end there, DaGeneral also owns General Surgery Records, a techno/tech-house record label that has topped charts on various online digital music stores. He also co-directs Iconic Underground Magazine, a monthly underground dance music magazine, and Se-Lek Musik Group.


Home http://www.dageneral.co.uk/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/dageneraldj/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/dageneraldj/


Resident Advisor https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/dageneral


DaGeneral Production Set Tracklist

1. Demut – Bonnie Song (DaGeneral & Bageera Remix) – Se-Lek Musik
2. KoZY & DaGeneral – Just Techno – RIOT Recordings
3. DaGeneral & Bageera – The Wrong Way (Original Mix) – Se-Lek Musik
4. Distinctive DJ – Faraway (DaGeneral Remix) – Se-Lek Musik
5. Dageneral & Bageera – In Our Hands – Se-Lek Musik
6. KoZY & DaGeneral – Spaced (Original Mix) – Layer909
7. Richard Cleber & DaGeneral – Dora’s Exploration – Household Digital
8. DaGeneral & Bageera – Thing’s Change – Se-Lek Musik
9. Martz & Madrid – Dark Magician (DaGeneral Remix) – General Surgery Records
10. DaGeneral & Bageera – Moreish – Se-Lek Musik