3logit’s new single released, August 16

3logit’s new single released, August 16

3Logit – Courages Favour


3Logit delivers

The four-piece band 3logit delivers an epic track that combines elements of Dubstep and Drum & Bass with the driving vocals, distorted electric guitars, and gritty synths of Industrial Rock. Their determination to bring EDM within the context of the heavy hitting and raw sounds of a live metal band has proven that forward-thinking music can unite diverse listeners from around the globe.

Unique musical concept

3logit is a unique musical concept pushing genre boundaries along with the limits of modern technology. They are a killer live band blending melodic EDM (DnB, Dubstep), with hard n’ heavy guitar riffs and live vocals. The unparalleled musical mix they present is often called metalstep or rockstep by their devoted fans from all around the globe. They are also known for performing their live sets dressed in UV-active on-stage apparel with LED accessories. 3logit works on principles of musical LAN (local access network) setup in a star topology consisting of five elements: four musical terminals operated by living musicians and a server. The dedicated server is the very special part of the band; the players control it over their standard musical instruments. This approach requires practically absolute synchronization and creates a kind of special digital/analog/human interface.

Available from Teknofonic Recordings