How to tag MP3 files

For the purpose of this quick guide I’m going to suggest you use Audacity because it is simple and works on most platforms.

First you’re going to have to download and install it.


Then install as per instructions per your system.

You’re also going to need the LAME encoder to save as MP3.

Instructions are here:


So now you should have Audacity and the lame encoder installed on your system.

First open Audacity the on the File menu -> Open

And select the file you want to work with, once its open

Go to the File Menu-> Export Audio menu option.

Next enter the file name you wish to save as and select MP3 as the file type

Then -> options

And select the quality options for the export.

We recommend 320kbps constant bitrate, the file is a bit bigger but its made up for by the Quality, and let be honest no one will bother listening to your demo no matter how good it is if the quality sucks!

Then select ->Save

Once you press save it will show you the MP3 Tags window

Fill in the ->Title of your Track/mix/demo (remember stupidly long names won’t be displayed by most software or if it’s going to be Tweeted on Twitter then keep it to a minimum!)

Fill in -> Artist (again keep it short!, and if it’s going to be broadcast on a station Tweeting out the Title and Artist here is a good place to enter your @Twitter name so you can see when it plays via Twitter or Facebook etc. whatever your using (TIP!))

After that ->OK and export the file.


And when its done if you look at the file properties you will see

All the required tags are now embedded in the file!

That’s really the minimum needed for everyone sending tracks and mixes and everyone should be doing this on there own

as we don’t have the time anymore to fix it for you.

Note obviously im using windows and it might be slightly different on a mac or Linux.

if you have any questions drop us an email :

hope it helps some of you out!

In the next post I will show you how to embed an image into the file that on some stations and mp3 playing apps and software will be displayed while the track plays!