Welcome to StudioSounds Radio!

Here at StudioSounds Radio we play all the latest and greatest Deep, Minimal, Tech, House, Techno, Dnb, Dubstep and many other club and dance genres mixed and produced by artists, Djs and producers from around the world of only the highest quality!


(Now Playing images are provided “as is” and may or may not represent actual album artwork!)

We never compromise on quality and reliability and we strive to search out and bring you the very best that we can find while maintaining our 98.6% on air commitment so we can continuously bring you only the very best with the highest quality 24/7/365, we generate our own unique content written, designed and published by our Djs and our own in house team direct to you.


We accept submissions from everyone regardless of whether your only starting out producing or if your an A-list super star Dj / producer, we have a complete guide on how to submit here: https://www.studiosoundsradio.com/updated-submission-guidelines/ if you have any questions regarding this feel free to email and ask at Contact@studiosoundsradio.com

Where to find other listen links to the audio stream.

You can tune in live using the link on the page!, or find us on just about any streaming service! Just search for StudiosoundsRadio on Radioguide.fmShoutcast.yp, iTunes, iTunes Radio, Audiorealm.com, Tunein  or any of the many, many others!.